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Emma Roe

Front-end Developer

about me

Hi there!

I'm a front-end web developer based in Toronto, and I love building websites.

When I'm not writing code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you'll find me cycling, sewing, trying new arts & crafts, laughing at my own jokes, tending to my houseplants, and snuggling my dog.

current skills


my favourite projects

Plant Shelf

React / Firebase

Plant Shelf is a digital collection of your real life houseplants -- record plants to add to your collection, and keep note of their care requirements. Developed with React, this application leverages Firebase storage and Google Authentication to save users' entries.



Summit is a single page conversion from a PSD file. This project was built in entirely vanilla CSS and HTML, and positioned entirely using floats. With cross browser compatibility, it is fully responsive across devices.

Back In times

New York Times API / Darksky API / Javascript / JQuery / Sass

Created with the New York Times archive API, Back in Times displays a random selection of articles from the user's birthdate. Weather integration from the DarkSky API displays the weather as it was in New York City on that day.

Garbage Sorter

React / Firebase / City of Toronto API / Data Visualizaton

Using the City of Toronto API, residents can search household items and learn where/how to properly dispose them. Authenticated users have access to a dashboard where they can view historical charts and graphs of their garbage. Built in collaboration with with Luca and Eric.

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